Spiritual & Ascension Development -  Part Three 

 Course overview 

Spiritual & ascension development workshop: -  Part 3  

26th  November  2017

Cosham community

This workshop is the third in a series of Spiritual & ascension development workshops (Part 1, 2, 3…)

This series of workshops will give you the knowledge, wisdom, meditations, tools and practical skills to help develop your Spirituality and raise your consciousness. 

Mother Earth & humanity are ascending towards a fifth dimensional Aquarian “Golden age” consciousness. These workshops will help you to understand this shift in consciousness and help you, on your journey, to your ascension and help break the cycle of re-incarnating into a third dimensional consciousness.

Part One: -   Sunday 1st October       
Part two: -    Sunday 22nd October      
Part three: -  November  / December 
Workshop Summary
  • The history of our Spiritual journey: -  Free will, “The fall in consciousness”, duality consciousness & re-incarnation

  • Spiritual ascension process & the path to Your ascension

  • The spiritual hierarchy (The Elohim, Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Central Sun, Cosmic Christ, The Karmic board…..)

  • The Ascended masters & Archangels

  • Guided Meditation:- How to call upon the Spiritual hierarchy for healing & wisdom

  • Understanding & using the Seven sacred flames

  • Understanding the Ego and how to stop the Ego blocking your spiritual growth
Cost, Payment & Contact details
The cost of this workshop is £50.00. This includes a student note book (approx. 50 pages) and two audio meditations.

Places can be reserved on payment of a £20 deposit.

                Via PayPal me (you do not need a Pay pal account)

                Type into your web browser: -   www.paypal.me/paulmartinhirst

Phone: -  07 824 595 920 (If not available please leave a message)

Email: -    Paul@spiritualascension.co.uk

The Venue

Cosham Community Centre, Wootton Street, Cosham, Portsmouth. Hampshire. PO6 3AP
Free parking at front of building, 5 mins from Cosham train stations / Buses
Please bring a packed lunch
Free tea, bottled water, coffee & biscuits will be supplied.