Ascension Symptons

​ We are ALL currently going through the ascension process.  We are all moving from a lower conscious frequencies to higher  conscious vibrational frequencies. We are recieiving an unlimited amount of help from the ascended masters, Angels and Archangels.

 The spiritual /  ascension workshops   provide guidance on how to balance karma, learn life lessons, follow your divine plan and ascend to higher conscious frequencies and  hopefully your ascension and then have the opportunity to  stop your cycle of  re-embodiments. You may also choose to ascend, re-embody and then come back and serve humanity.

Ascension, 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensions- More details

20 Universal  Laws
Third, fourth & Fifth dimensions
Spiritual / Ascension Development Courses 
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Ascension Development
teacher training
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Ongoing Ascension Development
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Ascension Service Healing
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Asension Service
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Ascension Development Level 4 
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Spiritual / Ascension 1  
Spiritual / Ascension 2 
Spiritual / Ascension 3