Third, Fourth & Fifth dimensions
 What is the connection between our consciousness and our ascension?

To ascend we need to raise our 3D consciousness to a 5D consciousness.
During the ascension journey we are moving from a lower (3D) to a higher (5D) consciousness state of being.
When we decide to follow the path to our ascension, then we start the process of ascending from a third dimensional lifestyle / consciousness to a fourth and fifth consciousness dimensional way of living.
Our current third dimensional consciousness can be full of negative emotions and feelings that have been accumulated from karmic debt from present and past lives. We can also be heavily influenced by the mass negative consciousness.
As we all move to higher conscious dimensions, old negative habits, negative beliefs, relevant life lessons and Karmic balancing are coming to surface so that we can gain the wisdom to move forward to a more positive higher fourth and fifth dimensional way of living.
When we become aware of the 4th and 5th dimensions, this can be the catalyst to motivate you to start making the necessary changes to progress from the 3rd to 5th dimension and your ascension.
This can sometimes be a very overwhelming experience and you may be feeling some of the “Symptoms of the Ascensions”

Third dimensional living & thinking

In the third dimension, you may see yourself as a separate entity in comparison to other people and the universe.
You are still rooted in the physical world, and MAY feel it is appropriate to judge people based on age, gender, financial status etc.

  • I am a person, the thinker of these thoughts, and these thoughts are my thoughts (you do not ask for or accept spiritual guidance)

  • I seek happiness outside of myself. Things like money, material possessions, relationships, and physical attributes seem to be the key to my fulfilment.

  • I must compete with others to ‘make it’ so I can get my share of abundance.

  • Life is characterized by opposite (Duality / black & white thinking). There are good decisions and bad decisions, good thoughts and bad thoughts, good people and bad people. There are no extremes in oneness, there is no polarity in oneness, there is only unconditional love.

  • The labels I have for myself define who I am as a person. Words like parent, wife, son, my job title, home-owner, etc. are how I identify myself in comparison to others.

  • I am Mortal, I need personal power to rule others, I need to own certain things

  • I need another person to make me happy, I need Control of my Space

  • I need to be Right

  • It's okay to lie if I have a good enough Reason

  • I am better than they Are

  Fourth dimensional living & thinking

As the light of consciousness begins to awaken within, your belief system of third dimensional reality may seem absurd.
You may even become angry or resentful of the society that implanted these belief systems. In fourth dimension, comparison and judgment still exist however with more ‘spiritual’ themes.

For example, you may describe yourself as “awake” while judging those you feel are “asleep.”

·         The attention has shifted from pursuits in the material world to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and understanding.

·         I am angry because I have been lied to. I must warn and tell others about the Illuminati, government, reptilians, chemtrails…

·         I am weary of things like mind control or subliminal messages.

·         I may take on a spiritually themed ego structure. In this case, I may judge those who still eat meat, watch the news, drive a new car…

·         More knowledge and better understandings seem to be the key to my fulfilment.

·         Ego is my ultimate enemy and therefore my ‘goal’ is to get rid of it.

 Fifth dimensional living & thinking

As consciousness begins to awaken even further, the ego drops and judgments begin to fade away.

You realize that the darkness of the world is a direct reflection of the shadow that still exists inside of you. You no longer try to change the world, but rather begin to heal and change yourself.

The love that grows within begins to translate into compassion and understanding for the external world.

·         You realise that love & unconditional Love is the only weapon that truly holds power.

·         I am no longer attached to my labels, but see myself as an ever-changing field of higher consciousness.

·         I ultimately hold all the power to ‘create’ my perception of reality, nothing is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Nothing has power over me or my reality unless I have on some level agreed to it.

·         Judgment now has become discretion. Although I no longer judge people from a moral standpoint, I use discretion in what I spend my time and energy on.

·         I am beginning to see that “god”, “the universe,” or “source” (I AM Presence) lies within.

·         As I am connected to my I AM presence within, I realize I have held the power all along. The fear of mind control and manipulation drops away

You realize that your Ascension does not require the doing of so many things, but is ALL about becoming, embracing and remembering how to live as the spiritual being that already exists within you. It means fully embracing and connecting with the divinity that already exists within you through the expansion of your consciousness as being of love