Energy /  Spiritual Healing
I learnt how to channel spiritual healing energy at the Joseph Carey Psychic foundation (JCPF) during the early 1990's. I then worked at the JCPF part time as a fully qualified spiritual healer for several years. 
After many years of Spiritual healing I found that my healing style developed into  "guided energy  spiritual healing".  I channel  healing energy from the ascended masters and  archangels.   
My healing guides enable me to heal intuitively.  My eyes are closed during the healing and my hands are guided to the relevant parts of the patient’s body and the most relevant type of healing energy is channelled from my guides through me to the patient.
This type of healing is very effective because my healing guides know exactly where to send their healing energy and also the most effective type of healing energy to use.

A treatment at my home, or your home  or remote healing would cost £30.